the Masculine Archetype
Online Class
Time and Date are TBD. You will be notified as soon as it's on the calendar
*Seats are limited to allow room for interaction.*
This is not a webinar.
It's an interactive discussion-based class where I will share everything I know in service of a single goal:
To evoke your Authentic Masculine Archetype in service of your Relationships, Work, and Well-Being.
I was inspired to make this class because there is a lot misinformation being spread about men and masculinity.

It's causing men to be less potent versions of themselves. This causes suffering both in men, and people to relate with men. (Which is everybody.)
The class will be part teaching, part men's group-style interaction. Depending on the turnout, I might be able to coach some guys on their situations.

The flow will be dictated by your interests, but we'll be sure to cover:
The Hormonal Basis of Archetypal Expressions
Exercises for Evoking Constructive Instincts
How to Interface with the Feminine
This is gap between esoteric wisdom of the Hero Archetype and modern knowledge. We'll cover how testosterone, oxytocin, and some other neurotransmitters affect and are affected by your expression.
Most men are afraid of what their instincts will do. Many have suppressed them so far that they can't feel them at all. I'll guide you through a couple exercises on the call to use your instincts in service to your intentions.
The whole reason the Masculine archetype exists is to complement the Feminine. You'll learn how to heighten polarity without causing disconnect.
Join the Masculine Archetype Class.
Depending on signups I may do multiple dates and times. 
*Seats are limited.*

About Ruwando

Ruwan Meepagala teaches people to tap into the power of their instincts. He coaches men mostly on dating, sexuality, and creative purpose. He was formerly Libido and Relationship Counselor on the Psychology Today directory in New York City. Now he travels the world teaching workshops, coaching, and having adventures. 
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